We’re welcoming our new host, Tim, along with Sandra’s first co-host Andy into this massive Japan Top 10 Countdown! Bringing you all the hits you remember since we started back in March 2013, we give you all the J-Pop from Radwimps, Yuzu, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, GReeeeN and just so much more that we cannot list right here!

Hosts: Sandra, Andy, Tim

So if you guys haven’t figured it out yet, Tim is going to be joining Sandra in hosting the future Japan Top 10 Countdowns in 2014! Now to learn much more about him and the songs on this massive countdown, visit our site at http://mymti.org/! We’ve also got exclusive behind the scenes audio of the games we played and SANDRA, TIM Producer Jack’s favorite J-Pop songs of 2013! So you need to check out our site for all the cool stuff that we didn’t have time to feature here!