Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our annual listener survey! We really appreciate all the comments and feedback that you have gave to us and as a result, we strive to improve based on these responses.

To ensure that we are transparent with our listeners and demonstrate that we actually do enact new or changed practices based on your responses, here are a list of improvements we plan to implement in the near upcoming future. Please note that we may not exactly implement all these changes due to last minute reversed decisions. However, recently all members have been consulted with these changes and were agreed upon.

1. As we asked you in the survey, we wanted to know how much and how long talking should last in our episodes. Your responses told us that you wanted talking to last at most between 30-40 seconds long. Thus, we have discussed with all hosts that their talking should normally be limited to that time period. That is not to say that we will only be talking for at most 40 seconds in between songs all the time, for all episodes. Certain songs and certain episodes will have extended periods of talking and commentary, depending on the circumstances.

2. Most listeners are stating that they enjoy hearing facts on our episodes rather than our own personal commentary about each song. Thus, we have explained to all hosts that their focus will continue to remain on the facts provided to them on each episode. However, hosts will continue to add additional unique talk bits into their commentary, though that normally would not be the focus of their commentary. In addition, we are planning to bring the facts that we gather for each episode onto this website so listeners can continue to learn about each song and find out more information about the commentary they heard on air. The implementation of this practice has yet to be fortified, thus we cannot give a specific timeframe or episode on when this will exactly occur.

3. Special episodes will continue to run on a bi-monthly basis on our podcast, as most listeners stated that they liked hearing them throughout the year rather than just during holiday/summer seasons. However, we will also add in an extra 4-6 special episodes during those holiday/summer seasons, which is significantly less than previous years (we made 8-10 specials in past years only during those seasons).

4. Most listeners stated they would be interested in hearing a J-Pop related news show on our podcast. We will continue to look into how we can integrate this new show onto our podcast. An estimated date of release hasn’t yet been decided; please continue to follow our podcast for more information about this show in the future.

5. In terms of talking over parts of the music, we have discussed with the entire team to be more cautious on how they integrate the talking over parts of a song we feature on the podcast. Audio editors have been trained to follow certain restrictions on how certain songs should not be talked over while some other songs would be appropriate to do so. To find out why we place talking over certain songs, read our FAQ page here (question 15):

That is all for the specific concerns over our podcast with regards to the comments made in the survey. We have some additional improvements that we are going to make in the coming months and our listeners will definitely notice these positive changes onto our podcast.

Furthermore, if there is a concern, feedback or any comments you would like to make for our show, just pop us an email any time at and we would gladly hear more from you, the listener!

– Your Japan Top 10 Leads, September 1, 2016.