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Greetings Fellow Listeners

Hey guys!

Bet this is weird and kinda awesome huh? Yup! We’ve got our own domain 😀

As producer Jack put it “he buys domains like girls buy clothes haha”, well not to stereotype, but at least most of my female friends shop a lot more than my male friends, so i get his point.

Either way- business will go about as usual, and you can expect to hear from us biweekly and all that jazz.

Anyways, how yall doing?

I’ve personally been quite busy with school, just finished a nightmare of an exam. By nightmare I really, mean it. The earlier part of the this course (last semester) has traumatized me from this subject. Perhaps not so literally, or actually, likely literally… either way, you bet I felt that anxiety chipping away at my sanity that last few days haha.

But it’s, done, and I think I passed….

Ahem, anyways.


Oh yeah! I just started to play league recently and out of boredom, I composed a really bad version of let it go 😀

Too bad I don’t remember it at this moment, I had to quit before I could save it :'(


Do you guys ever get sleepy on transportation or just randomly?

I find myself dozing off the second I get on a train, car, subway, tricycle (those ones where someone’s peddling in the front and u sit in the back), or randomly during class, while studying, anywhere where I’m sitting really.
It’s weird! I may not even be lacking sleep, yet i’ll still doze off.

In fact, I remember in high school my french teacher noted that I was sleeping in pretty much all her classes (not voluntarily, I just couldn’t keep awake no matter how I tried :/) and she mentioned that maybe I was lacking calcium, which is weird cuz I still took vitamin pills back in those days.

It’s not like I have some weird sleeping disorder though, I just get tired easily I suppose… or bored.

On those days where I do lack sleep though, oh ho! Man!

I might as well be sleeping and walking at the same time, seriously. I’ll walk to school with my eyes closed. I remember times where I’ve been standing on the bus or subway and just nodding off, sometimes near collapsing only to open my eyes and find that person sitting in front of me giving me weird looks.
Some lady even offered me a seat once >< (hurray for nice people!)

Sleeping also affects my grades. If I pay attention in class, I do a LOT better versus trying to catch up later on (which is especially hard for me since I get distracted faster than a squirrel on caffeine can get distracted) (lol wut).

I have found one savior though: ICE CAPS!
thank god for ice caps, the second I drink some, I wake up!
I swear it’s the only reason I’m doing ok in this semester so far haha.

Anyways, I’ve talked a lot.

If you got anything you would like to respond to me about perhaps, your sleeping problems, or school, or anything interesting going on in your life.
Feel free to send me an email or comment 😀

Thanks for reading!


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at!
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