<- Kyary coming into the concert, see how excited everyone got!

Just got back from my first official concert. And I gotta say, IT WAS AMAZING. 素晴らしい
And who was it? The world famous, きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)!!!!!!!! She put up one fantastic show and even though that’s what most people say after going to a concert (so it’s cliched), I can’t say that it was not fun. She sang all her hits and being a big fan like myself, I really really really adore the music she makes. And best of all, I knew all the songs that were played in her concert. And if I were to go to most of any other artist/bands’ concert, I would usually have this one song that I have never heard before but this one, I was able to song along to each one. 彼女の歌を知っている
My favorites were Ponponpon (signature song obviously), Cherry Bon Bon, Furisodeshon and Candy Candy (which was part of the encore)! But yea I already liked those songs from her originally so kinda biased there 🙂
Would I go again if she came? Yes, that is if I can find someone to go with, I didn’t see much people going by themselves, lots of couples and girl friends mingled together, plus it wouldn’t be as much fun since you’re not sharing you’re excitement with someone else that you know. 再びそこに行く
Actually I want to see Perfume come to Toronto to perform too, Kyary is super duper cool and one of the main artist that propelled me to liking J-Pop, but I found as much love as with Perfume songs. They (Perfume) went to Europe, so I don’t see why they can’t come to North America in the future. パフュームカナダに来る必要がある
Anyway, long day, very tired but really worth it. talk to y’all later! さようなら
IMG_2588       Loved the excitement in the show!
IMG_2598       Myself and Sandra taking a selfie at the show 😀
IMG_2599             <3
Videos of the show:
1. Introduction + Ninjari Bang Bang

2. Furisodeshon

3. Yume No Hajime Ring Ring

4. Cherry Bon Bon

5. Pon Pon Pon (my personal favorite from the show)

6. Candy Candy (from an encore!)


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