Summer 2014 Updates!

Summer 2014 Updates!

This updated blog post is mainly add about the switch for Shane over to Japan Top 10 and Tauben back on the MTI Countdowns. This change takes affect immediately.

Update June 17, 2014:


The past few weeks were quite confusing for me because some current hosts were unsure if they wanted to leave or not and I had to get new hosts to come on the show to replace some of them. Anyway, that’s not for you guys to worry, I’m just clearing what I wrote in the past and making all these new changes clear.

1. Beginning this month, Manjima (from our sister show MTI) and new host Shane will begin to host with Sandra and Tim. Sandra will co-host with Manjima while Tim will co-host with Shane. Manjima and Shane’s profile are available under the hosts tab.

2. Manjima AND Shane will be given the opportunity to present their top 6 favorite Japanese songs from the past 6 years as part of our summertime specials which will still be running from this month til the end of August, on the weeks that a regular Japan Top 10 episode is not released.

3. As part of the summertime specials, a music video countdown will also be made! We cannot give into too much information about this as nothing has been determined and finalized yet, but I’m hoping to get one music video countdown done as part of our summertime specials.

4. We are now available on TuneIn radio! Check us out at

5. Have you heard the latest regular Japan Top 10 episode? Then you probably noticed the J-Rock flashback section! Leave us a J-Rock song request or feedback about the show here:

6. We’re also on Stitcher now! The list of places where you can hear Japan Top 10 is growing bit by bit! Search us up or click here:


I would recommend you guys to also check out our schedule page on our site as it makes a summary of what I written above:


Again, please forgive us for bringing so much confusion on these changes. It’s been quite overwhelming the last few weeks with all these changes since even the hosts leaving do not know if they really want to. But here’s one promise we’ll bring to you guys. We’ll continue to bring you guys the biggest, latest J-Pop hits on a regular basis and continue to do what we did in the past.


-Producer Jack June 15, 2014


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at!
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