Fall 2014 Updates!

Fall 2014 Updates!

Update November 1, 2014: The Facebook Like for iTunes gift card contest has now ended. Thank you everyone for liking our page! We’ll have more wonderful contests in the near future to reward our amazing listeners!

Update October 20, 2014: Scheduling has been modified because there were some mistakes in it. The Winter Special episodes are also further detailed now with full information about the information on each episode. Link is below (like the September 23 update paragraph). We’re also now affiliated with CD Japan, we really encourage all our listeners to support buying music that you love! CD Japan is 100% a legitimate site and your purchases are counted onto the Oricon Charts! (*Producer Jack side note: I have brought most of my CD’s from CD Japan and they are an amazing music store!)


Update September 23, 2014: Who’s ready for Christmas? We certainly are! Check out our schedule page to find out when we’re returning the artist of the month countdowns along with many other cool winter time special episodes! Hey, we’re bringing you a new episode every day starting on Christmas Day all the way until the 2nd day of the new year! See more here: http://jtop10.jp/schedule/


Update September 9, 2014: We have disabled the comments on the pages of all of our sites. As a result of spam comments, we had to shut down the comments on our site. However, you may continue to comment on our blogs like this one. We will continue to evaluate if we should cancel the ability to comment in our entire site. It isn’t that we are limiting freedom of speech, we are just trying to reduce the spam. If you want to publicly comment about anything, they are welcome on our Facebook page anytime, or write a review on any of the places we are featured on.


A case of the summertime sadness is definitely in the thoughts of many of us. 2 months went by way too fast. Not to mention that it was a chilly summer compared to previous summers, so the weather definitely didn’t help us remind that it was summertime. But I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Here at the podcast, we’re pretty much following up with the changes that occurred in the beginning of the summer season and it’s working out without many problems so far. Anyway, these are some changes that are coming to the Japan Top 10 starting this season.

1. The summer special countdowns are now beginning to wind down and stop at the end of August, which means we are only going to feature regular Japan Top 10 episodes in a regular bi-weekly basis, like we always used to and will continue to do so. And they will continue to be released on Tuesday’s.

2. We’ve listed all the episodes that will be released in this year in our schedule section on the website. Check it out for all the information for future release dates.

That is pretty much all the changes that will occur during the season of Fall. All other changes to our other 2 shows, MTI Countdowns and KTop10 can be found on their respective websites.

-Producer Jack August 23, 2014.


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at info@jtop10.jp!
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