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Winter 2014/2015 Updates!

Update February 3, 2015:

Make sure to check out our newest contest, The Music Lottery, where you can win the CD of your requested song! Find out more on this page:


Update January 19, 2015:

We are spliting the hosting of each episode because of our work schedules. This means one host will be hosting an entire regular top 10 episode by themselves from now on. Again, we’re doing this because of our work schedules. Please see this page for how we’re structuring the episode: View


Update January 6, 2015:

Our song reviews have now been broken down into 3 pages and older reviews starting from the beginning of 2014 is now available for everyone to look over. Although we started the song reviews in 2013, they were kept on our sister website, and has been deleted off that website’s servers. Therefore, January 2014 would be the earliest song reviews we have on file. We apologize for any inconvenience. For more:


Update January 4, 2015:

Starting on the first regular Japan Top 10 episode, you’ll hear an anime extra song after the J-Rock extra (that’s what they are called now) and J-Pop flashback. If you have any anime song requests, please make sure to let us know! We’ll be more than happy to get it on for you!


Update December 31, 2014:

Last day of 2014! But aside from that, we are now going to make the artist of the month a permanent staple on the podcast from now on! Featuring the top 5 biggest hits from an artist or band according to official song charts, these countdowns will be released on the 1st day of each month (January 1st, February 1st, etc..). If you have a request for an artist or band that we should feature let us know by voicemail/email (415-371-9299) or email at Everything else below is going to stick for 2015.


So winter is not technically here yet… Still a little less than a month to go (21st)… But hey, with all that Christmas music on the radio and snow on the ground (depending on where you are), but I’m sure you’ve seen the temperature drop in your neck of the woods! Let’s talk about changes to the podcast! There are no exact programming changes to Japan Top 10 itself, but here are some stuff that we’re working on. If you have feedback for anything mentioned here, let us know by voicemail/email (415-371-9299) or the traditional email at!


1. Song reviews on this site will now be done monthly, updated whenever the first Japan Top 10 episode is released of that month. There will be 10 songs reviewed each month and done entirely by either Tim or Sandra (they will rotate every month). This change will take effect starting in JANUARY 2015. A moratorium will be implemented after December 9, 2014 so that we can gather enough songs for January 2015.


2. We are continuously consulting with our team right now on whether we should do an artist of the month countdown, released, well once a month (like the title says). The barrier right now is school and the hosts are quite overwhelmed with all their schoolwork so it would be a hassle for them to have more work on their dinner plate. We’ll reach a verdict by the end of December 2014 of whether to create this show on a regular basis or not.


3. Sandra & Jima will be piloting a technique to do their episodes together. Well, not so much of a technique, but for most of our current shows, everyone does their parts separately. And they (Sandra & Jima) won’t be technically together because it will be done through Skype. LOL THERE GOES OUR SECRET! But yea, if you do notice that the recording quality is not on par with our usual episodes, this is probably why. After a pilot of a few episodes starting in 2015, we’ll assess whether to do this for Tim & Shane as well. For now, stay tuned to the Japan Top 10 episodes in 2015 done by Sandra & Jima!


That’s all for now, again, we always welcome feedback and suggestions so make sure to get them in!


-Producer Jack November 22, 2014


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at!
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