Welcome Recca!

Welcome Recca!

Introducing a new host to our show, Recca! She will now be hosting along with the others on Japan Top 10 and I hope everyone will enjoy her company on the podcast. Zilin will now be moved over to our sister show, KTop 10, as a full time host there and will no longer be involved in the regular episodes of Japan Top 10 anymore. If you want to continue to listen to Zilin, make sure to tune into our sister show, KTop 10!

More about Recca is on her profile, click here to go there: http://jtop10.jp/hosts/recca/

Her first episode will be in released on September 22, 2015, so be looking forward to that!

On that note, Zilin’s email will be changed to zilin@ktop10.org.

We’re super excited to have many new staff members joining our team and we equally welcome all of them onto our show!


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at info@jtop10.jp!
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