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Hey guys! We have some amazing news to let everyone know!

Our site is now mostly translated into Japanese, with the assistance of our brilliant staff member, Gem! We will no longer rely on Google Translate to translate the English on this website into Japanese, as we heard all the concerns from our Japanese listeners about not being able to read the translations on the site properly. Some pages were decided not to be translated into Japanese (because of their relevancy) while other pages have both English and Japanese written in it.

The + (plus symbol) marks pages that have both Japanese and English on them while the * (asterisk symbol) are pages that are only in English. You will see these symbols throughout the Japanese version of our site.

How do I access the Japanese version of jtop10.jp? There are 2 ways!

1. If you are visiting us from Japan or a Japanese internet provider, we will automatically switch you over to the Japanese version of the site. This includes all pages that have been fully translated into Japanese.

2. If you are visiting us outside of Japan, you can click on this option in the menu bar: “日本語へ” (meaning to Japanese). You can also check us out by click on this page: http://jtop10.jp/home/jp/. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to automatically link you to pages that are fully translated into Japanese unless you are on the Japanese version of the site (check the menu bar to see which version you are in). Thus, it is important to watch out for the pages that have the symbols; they will link you back to the English version of our site.

If you have any concerns about the translations you see on the Japanese version of the site, don’t hesitate to send Gem an email at gem@jtop10.jp.

Thank you for listening to Japan Top 10 and visiting our website!

-Japan Top 10 team, August 30, 2016.


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